Synker Roadmap

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Posted: Mon, 04/30/2012 - 11:52pm

Synker Widget Roadmap
This is what we currently have planned for the future of Synker. Feel free to post your suggestions or send them to us via email.

  • Three state checkbox for Tasker/Locale Auto-Sync Settings Plugin
    • Sync ON
    • Sync OFF
    • Disabled – Do not change the auto-sync setting
  • Cancel Sync Widget
  • Cancel All Syncs Tasker/Locale Plugin
    • Ability to cancel any syncs in progress (e.g. Disconnected from WiFi)
  • Global auto-sync ON/OFF Locale Plugin (Tasker has this capability native)
  • Conform to Android Design guidelines for ICS
    • Update graphics for high-res displays
    • Update UI to use fragments
      • Support multi-pane layouts
    • Update menus to action-bar items
    • Update widget to conform to suggested widget design guidelines
      • Don’t imitate shortcuts!