Synker stops working

  • Anonymous
Posted: Wed, 08/24/2011 - 10:31am

I am using Synker 1.1.8
When I install apps on my HTC Desire, sometimes the free space on the phone gets below 15 Mb.
When that happens, I get a warning from the Android system, and syncing stops working (also Android syncing).
At the same time, the Synker widget icons on my desktop turn into a sign saying something like "There is a problem with the widget".
I don't understand why more than 15 Mb is required for syncing, but that must be an Android issue.

After I free some extra space, Android syncing starts working again, but the Synker widget icons doesn't return.
Pushing the "There is a problem with the widget" icons has no effect.
This happens rather often and it is very annoying.
When I start the Synker app from Android application drawer, I see the widgets I have already created. I can create new widgets for my desktop, but then I have 7 and soon 9 or 11 or...

How can I delete the 3 widgets I don't need?
How can I copy the existing widgets from Synker app to my desktop?
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Synker stops working

  • Admin
  • 02/21/09
  • Wed, 08/24/2011 - 11:54am

We currently do not have the capability to delete or copy the widget from the Synker app to the desktop... Although this is a capability we have been investigating. We have seen a similar issue to your ‘phantom widgets’ when a user utilizes more than one “launcher” app. The easiest way to remove the list of phantom widgets is to completely uninstall the Synker app and reinstall from the market. This should remove all previous widget configurations and start you with a clean slate.

We will investigate the other issues you are having by attempting to replicate the issue on our development devices…

Do you have the additional "colorful theme" installed to your SDCard? Has the Widget icon only disappeared when your low storage space issue occurs?

I do have the Colorfull Theme

  • egeriis (not verified)
  • Wed, 08/24/2011 - 3:16pm

I do have the Colorfull Theme installed on my SD card. I hope you will make it possible to delete and copy the widget from the Synker app to the desktop.That would make a big difference. I don't think I have more than 1 launcher app. I am running CyanogenMod stable 7.0.3rgds Jan

Widgets and SDCards

  • Admin
  • 02/21/09
  • Wed, 08/24/2011 - 9:37pm

First, our team would like to thank you for supporting Synker! Especially the purchasing of a theme! It helps keep development moving forward…
We have seen lots of bad things happen when the main Synker application and to a lesser degree themes are stored on the SD Card. Most of the issues revolve around “disappearing” widget icons, etc… In the last Synker update, we changed the application manifest to enforce installation to the internal phone memory to prevent these issues, per Google’s recommendations for widgets. ( Cyanogen Mod will allow you to install any application to the SD Card regardless of manifest settings, so be careful with widgets.
We are actively working on the 1.1.9 release which should include a number of bug fixes and as many additional features as we can get in…

Thanks for the thoroughly

  • egeriis (not verified)
  • Thu, 08/25/2011 - 3:46am

Thanks for the thoroughly answers.
Very nice to see, you don't say "we do not support non-standard rom".
I found a work-around to revive the Synker icon and function:
Add + Widget + Synker + back + back
Not perfect, but much much faster than configuring the widgets again.
I was aware of the issue with widgets on SD, so I installed the app on phone and the theme on SD. Now I am moving the theme to the phone.
Hope this will solve the problem.
Best regards