Synker FAQ

No. If you add an additional account after you have created a widget, the account is not automatically selected at this time. If you wish to include the new account in the listing of Android account to be synchronized, edit the widget configuration to include the new account. In the future, we may add the ability to allow a widget to enumerate all sync-able account after being depressed to offer a true automatic “Sync All” widget.

Sort-of! While the background data setting is off, it effectively prevents all data transfer to and from your device. In this state, Android cannot utilize the device’s data connection to perform any operation that requires data usage such as sync-ing. Without background data, Synker will still attempt to request synchronization, but the request will be queued and marked as “pending” until a data connection is available.
Update: It appears Synker does force sync even when background data is “off” on SOME devices. Try it out, your mileage may vary…

Yes! Synker will still force sync the selected accounts independent of the global Android auto-sync setting or any Android account specific sync-setting. 

Synker enumerates all sync-able accounts by querying all registered synchronization providers from Android itself. If your account/application does not appear, then it is most likely not using sync adapters which are the recommended method for synchronization by Google (Android 2.1+). As older applications are updated and new application appear with support for synchronization via sync adapters, the list of application supported by Synker should grow.

Most likely, you use multiple Launcher applications (ADW, GO, etc) or have switched to a different Launcher without removing the Synker widget from your home screen. You can now force delete any Synker widget by “Long Clicking” a widget entry from the Synker global preferences screen.

The service is a lightweight process that handles notifications of active synchronization jobs. The service is turned off by default and can be activated by running the main Synker application from your app drawer then selecting the “Sync notification service”. The service will then display active sync jobs in the Android notifications bar whether requested by Synker or another application. The service is undergoing testing and any feedback would be appreciated.

Early versions of the Synker widget would allow a user to install the application to external storage. Due to numerous bug reports, from Synker users, and an extensive investigation of the reported issue the decision was made to enforce that Synker is installed internalOnly. Google recommends that specific applications should NOT be installed on external storage, Widgets being one of them.
Applications That Should NOT Install on External Storage
To see this issue resolved, please "star" the following Android issue so that Google may allow for widgets to be installed to external storage in future versions of Android:

When activated, the sync notification service will automatically start when your Android device boots.

This allows Synker to determine the sync-able accounts known by your device.

We provide the base Synker application free of charge and use advertisements to support the development and future enhancements within the application. The permission request for FULL INTERNET ACCESS is strictly a side-effect of the Admob advertisement network integration. Our application, Synker, DOES NOT transmit ANY information about accounts discovered, your identity, etc.